Saturday, February 21, 2015


     So for the past few months I have been battling horrible eczema with my youngest kiddo. When I say horrible...... I mean horrible. My oldest son had and still has eczema but nothing like Ryder's. It didn't start til about three months and has been gradually just been getting worse. We've switched his formula at least three times from regular Enfamil to Prosobee to ultimately a hypoallergenic formula. The hypoallergenic formula seemed to be helping him for a little bit but we are right back where we started and I feel horrible for him. When I change his diaper I have to hold his arms down or put socks on his hands because he just wants to itch it. No amount of any kind of lotion will help. I've tried everything!

     I called his pediatrician Thursday and explained that he seemed to be getting worse. His pediatrician order up blood work for him to see exactly what he has an allergy to so we can get to the bottom of this. 


    So yesterday I took Ryder to get his blood taken at the doctors building. As I walked into the office, I saw the room FULL of people..... "Ugh. I do not wanna wait in a room full of people during flu season!", I though to myself. I walked up to the counter and explain to receptionist why I was there and she handed me a pager. It was exactly like the kind you get at a restaurant while your waiting for the severer to clear you a table. I took a pager and search for an open chair that was clear of people cough and hacking. I choose to sit next to an older gentleman who was sleeping. He snored...... but at least he wouldn't cough on us. After 30 minutes of waiting I was called back up to the desk. I was actually quite surprised I was expecting to be there for at least an hour waiting. I handed her my pager and she smiled and said "You can have a seat now, I have you registered. He nurses will call you back when it's your turn" ..... Seriously ....that waiting was just for you to register me. 

     After another 30 minutes we were finally called back and my heart sank a little bit. I totally thought I was prepared for this but I was starting to freak a little. How am I gonna let them stick my baby! 
We got back to the room and the nurse got everything ready. We laid him on the table, and I tried to keep my mind off of it. I'm totally ready to start IVs and give shots to other people but taking blood from 7 month old was a different story. As she inserted the needle and being to draw out the blood he started crying..... And my heart broke. I didn't cry but I wanted to push her away and rock him in my arms. After what seemed like forever she was finally finished and I was able to hold him. I will say though.... The nurse was a total rockstar and was gentle with him. Ryder even gave her a smile when she was finished. 

     Now we just have to wait for a week until we get the result back. I'm hoping its minor stuff that won't totally chance the way he lives. If ya'll have ANY suggestions on remedies for eczema I will take them....... Seriously..... Any suggestions. LOL

Thanks guys! I'm off to study some A&P now.

Until Next Time, Tiffanie 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's been awhile..... but I'm still here

It's seriously true what they say about 
time flying when you have your second kid. 
I'm not trying to make excuses for why I havent blogged in a long time
but seriously...... I have no spare time. LOL
I feel like a just blinked and I'm no longer pregnant and
then turned around and my baby is already 7 months!
With Mason time stood still. I can remember every detail from him as 
he grew....the day he took his first step 
to the day he said his first word.
With Ryder....... I feel like he could crawl any day now and I am just packing
away his newborn clothes!

Maybe time really does go by faster with the second or maybe
this one has me so worn out that I've completing lost 
my mind! 

Either way I can't imagine my life without 
my two wonderful boys and I can't even remember what life was like without them.

In other news..My last day of work was December 31st. I am 
officially a full time college student
just trying to finish up my prerequisites for 
the ADN program at my school.
I know that it's super competitive to get into the nursing program at my school 
but I am praying that I am one of the lucky 30 that get selected.
Please keep me in your prayers as I stalk my mailbox for the next three weeks 
in anticipation of my acceptance letter.
This semester I am taking A&P I and II and this summer I 
am taking Microbiology.
So far the semester is going great! I love learning about 
how the body works! My only complaint is how fast I am expected to know everything.
It is already a condensed class meaning it's normally 16 weeks and 
it's being crammed into 8 weeks BUT the instructor was out
a lot the first two week with his new baby
 I feel like I am constantly playing catch up!

If anyone has any good tips on A&P PLEASE feel free to email or 
leave me a comment below.

Until Next Time...... Tiffanie

Monday, February 2, 2015

Coming Soon....

I promise an update is coming soon. Life has been ridiculously crazy with school and the kiddos! I have lots of new and a few reviews for you guys!

Talk Soon

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mickey Mouse Birthday Kit

I can't believe that in a few short months my baby 
will already be one!

Seriously..... you can stop growing at any time!!!

It's hard to think about his first birthday but with the help from
Birthday in a Box, at least I will be fully prepared!
This adorable little boy has a major obsession with Mickey Mouse.
His eyes light up and he gets super excited whenever it comes on Disney 
or he sees anything with Mickey one it, so what better
way to celebrate his first birthday than with a Mickey Mouse Party.
The masterminds over at Birthday in a Box has seriously hooked me up 
with a Mickey Mouse party kit that's available on their website. 
They have TONS of different options for you to choose from..... if it's just plates you need
or a pinata..... or order the whole lot!
Maybe your little one doesn't enjoy Mickey Mouse.... check 
out these other Disney ideas!